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Saturday, March 23, 2024

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St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

Ezekiel 37:21-28
Jeremiah 31:10-13
John 11:45-56

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let god be god

“If we let Him go on like this, the whole world will believe in Him.” —John 11:48

Let’s not lag behind the Lord. The Israelites dragged their feet when the Lord told them to claim the Promised Land. Their lack of faith and courage resulted in their spending forty years wandering and dying in the desert instead of living the life of blessing and promise God had intended for them (Nm 14:32-34). Then, instead of waiting for God’s timing to be fulfilled, the Israelites became impatient with God. They disobeyed God, impetuously tried to seize the Promised Land, and were routed (Nm 14:39-45).

Let’s not jump ahead of the Lord. Abraham’s wife Sarah grew impatient of not having a promised child. So she jumped ahead of God’s plan and persuaded Abraham to father a son for her through her slave maidservant, Hagar (Gn 16:1-5ff). This impatience resulted in numerous fights between Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, in addition to long-lasting discord and strife between the generations of peoples descended from Isaac and Ishmael (Gn 16:6-16; 21:9-21). Nearly fifteen years later (see Gn 17:25), God fulfilled His promise to provide Sarah a descendant in Isaac. Had Sarah been able to wait on the Lord instead of jumping ahead of Him, much suffering and injustice could have been avoided.

Let’s not rely on our understanding (Prv 3:5-6). Let’s be still and know that He is God (Ps 46:10, RSV-CE). Let’s be pliable instruments in God’s hands. As the Jewish leaders said in today’s Gospel, let Jesus go on like this (Jn 11:48), so that His will be done and all will believe in Him.

Prayer:  Father, give me the grace to follow You perfectly and without hesitation. I trust completely in You.

Promise:  “My dwelling shall be with them.” —Ez 37:27

Praise:  St. Turibius, an archbishop, went to Confession daily.

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