About Presentation Ministries

Our Lady of Presentation Communities and Ministries is the full title given to a seven-year-old Catholic organization in March, 1992, when it received the status of Lay Association under canon law by Archbishop Pilarczyk of Cincinnati, Ohio. The two components, ministries and home-based communities, exist to disciple Catholics more deeply for Christ, through teaching the word of God and equipping all for Christian ministry using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Teachings on the daily eucharistic readings, and encouragement to receive Jesus in daily Holy Communion are emphasized to such an extent that one could cite a secondary influence in the Church as a "daily Mass movement."

Membership in Presentation Ministries (PM) consists of belonging to a home-based community (HBC) networked with PM, or as an individual who has agreed to follow seven specific responsibilities of a Co-worker. Both HBC members and Co-workers commit to PM for one year, and can renew this commitment annually.

Ministries in PM have been generated and developed since 1983. They include: One Bread, One Body, Daily Bread radio programs, the Bible Telephone ministry, audio & video recordings, other publications, Discipleship Retreats, and the annual Bible Institute. Read more about our ministries.

All workers in PM, whether full-time or part-time, are volunteers. There is no paid staff. Publications, audio & video recordings, and retreats are available for a contribution, with no specific fees or prices. PM operates on general contributions, it does not receive any special funding. We work for the Lord and trust Him to supply our needs. In this way, all who are called can receive our materials or attend our retreats to be equipped for ministry, no matter what their financial situation. "God can multiply His favors among you so that you may always have enough of everything and even a surplus for good works" (2 Cor 9:8).

PM tithes as an organization and gives 15% of all donations received to the poorest of the poor.