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Friday, October 8, 2021

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Joel 1:13-15; 2:1-2
Psalm 9:2-3, 6, 16, 8-9
Luke 11:15-26

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full house

“Next it goes out and returns with seven other spirits far worse than itself, who enter in and dwell there. The result is that the last state of the man is worse than the first.” —Luke 11:26

“No man can serve two masters” (Mt 6:24); there’s only room for one. That’s what Jesus refers to in today’s Gospel passage. We cannot be double-minded (see Jas 3:9ff). It’s important to empty ourselves of ungodly things and desires, but once that emptying is done, there is a vacuum, a void. Something will fill that void — either godly desires or ungodly ones. It’s so critical that we constantly, day by day, fill ourselves with the things of God. The Lord says: “Open wide your mouth and I will fill it” (Ps 81:11). The Holy Spirit wants to fill us (Acts 2:4).

Let the Lord protect you against demons and fill you:

  • with the Word of God. A heart full of Scripture leaves no room for the temptations of the devil (see Ps 119:11).
  • by praying daily the St. Michael and Guardian Angel prayers.
  • by praying the Rosary, for Satan hates anything having to do with Mary. She defeats Satan by her perfect obedience (see Rm 16:20; Lk 1:38).
  • by praising the name of Jesus and professing Him daily as Lord (see 1 Cor 12:3).
  • by resisting the devil; stand firm and he will flee (Jas 4:7).

Empty yourself of the things of the world, fill yourself with the things of God, and there will be no room for the demon and its seven companions in your soul. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Prayer:  Father, I give You my entire life, all my soul, all my strength, all my heart, and all my mind (Lk 10:27).

Promise:  “The Lord sits enthroned forever; He has set up His throne for judgment.” —Ps 9:8

Praise:  Joe read the Bible through the night to fight his urge to return to his addiction.

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