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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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St. Irenaeus

Amos 3:1-8; 4:11-12
Psalm 5:4-8
Matthew 8:23-27

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seek prophecy

"Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets." —Amos 3:7

The above verse has been an important foundation of Presentation Ministries since our beginning. Our ministry seeks to operate in the prophetic word of God, that now-word (Ez 33:30) which pierces hearts and brings conversion, discipleship, and Kingdom-victory. Prophecy is not necessarily telling what will happen in the future, although that can be part of prophecy. Prophecy is simply speaking or writing what God wants said at the moment He wants it said. The Holy Spirit knows exactly the right word for the right moment that will penetrate human hearts. This book, One Bread, One Body, is intentionally prophetic. We constantly pray to the Holy Spirit to hear His prophetic word and deliver it faithfully.

We have little time left; this world as we know it is passing away (1 Cor 7:31). Our own words often make no impact; God's prophetic word has great impact and cuts straight to the depths of the human heart. It either brings change or rebellion. Sometimes it brings danger or rejection to the messenger. Yet it also brings life and conversion to many.

A prophet has three jobs: listening faithfully and attentively to the Lord every day, discerning what God wants said, and speaking or writing God's prophetic word at the proper time. God does nothing without revealing His plan to His prophets (Am 3:7). This world desperately needs to know and obey God's plan. Are you willing to be a prophet? Ask the Lord for the spiritual gift of prophecy (see 1 Cor 14:1).

Prayer:  Lord, teach "me what to say and how to speak" (Jn 12:49).

Promise:  "The Lord God speaks—who will not prophesy!" —Am 3:8

Praise:  St. Irenaeus preached the Truth to counter heresy and schism.

Reference:  (This teaching was submitted by a member of our editorial team.)
(For related teaching, order our leaflet, Seek Prophecy.)

Rescript:  †Most Reverend Joseph R. Binzer, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, January 20, 2016

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