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Thursday, November 21, 1996

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Our Lady of Presentation

Revelation 5:1-10
Psalm 149
Luke 19:41-44

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happy feast day!

"With Your blood You purchased for God men of every race and tongue, of every people and nation." —Revelation 5:9

Today is the patronal feast day of Our Lady of Presentation Ministries, which provides this book, One Bread, One Body. We are called to make disciples for Jesus of all nations by teaching all that the Lord has commanded us (Mt 28:19-20). We focus our teaching on the daily eucharistic readings.

We ask you to pray for us daily and consider fasting with us on Fridays. Many people pray the fourth joyful mystery of the rosary for us. When they think of Jesus' Presentation, they also remember Mary's presentation and our ministries.

We ask you to pray about officially joining Presentation Ministries by being one of our "co-workers." Presentation Ministries has no paid employees. Pray about working for the Lord in our ministries — full- time or part-time. For example, share One Bread, One Body with as many people as possible.

Finally, please do your part financially. Although we do not set a price for these books, they are not free. Give as the Lord has given to you (see Mt 10:8).

Jesus wept over those who had lost "the path to peace" (Lk 19:41-42). Jesus alone can open the scroll and reveal the meaning of life (Rv 5:5). Without Jesus, we can do nothing (Jn 15:5). Together, let's tell the world about the love of Jesus. Happy feast day!

Prayer:  Father, surround and fill all members of Presentation Ministries with your love. May we love You with all our hearts. Thank You, Lord!

Promise:  "Worthy are You to receive the scroll and break open its seals, for You were slain." — Rv 5:9

Praise:  Our Lady of Presentation has faithfully protected Presentation Ministries with her patronage. She protected the ministries from damage during a robbery several years ago. Praise You, Jesus, for giving us your mother.

Reference:  (Please send for our brochure about being a co-worker of Presentation Ministries.)

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Ralph J. Lawrence, April 2, 1996

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, April 3, 1996