Recommitment Mass 2020

Highlights of the Annual Recommitment Mass

Novemeber 20, 2020

St Antonius Church

 Each year PM members; HBC, Ministries Leaders, Directors and Co-Workers come together to recommit their Covent or Networking commitment. The following is excerpts from the Commitment Mass presided by Fr. Niby.


Homily – Fr. Niby

Mass Reading Matt 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents: lt will be as when a man who was going on o journey called in his servants and entrusted his possessions to them. To one he gave five talents; to another, two to a third, one -to each according to his ability....

This parable is more than just protecting their Master's wealth or possessions, a good steward will also find ways to grow and improve it. Specifically, each member of Presentation Ministries is being challenged to grow PM with his giftedness, How?

  • Invite People to attend various functions
  • Distribute One Bread One Body
  • Be a witness for others
  • Use the spiritual gifts; Use them or lose them.
  • Get involved
  • Develop a How to plan and adhere to it
  • Critique the plan and adjust.
  • Listen: sit quietly with the scripture and see



Recommitment Reflection and Exhortation – by Paul Egan

  • In preparing for this time of recommitment, the word which has been coming to me repeatedly is “Disciples Who Make Disciples”
  • What is a disciple? One who imitates Jesus in His character and in His ministry.
  • A true disciple of Jesus Christ makes other disciples. Jesus commanded in The Great Commission, Mt 28:20:  “Go and make disciples of all the nations”
    • We who are disciples of Jesus Christ are to “go and make disciples” of others.
  • You might ask: How do I go about making disciples? You might not know exactly how to make a disciple.
    • Parents make disciples by conceiving and having and raising and training that child to be a disciple
    • But what do parents do to raise their children to be disciples of Jesus Christ?
  • Presentation Ministries actually specializes in making disciples.
    • At PM, we actually have a place dedicated to making disciples. It’s called the Our Lady of Guadalupe Discipleship Center, a center of activity whose emphasis is to make disciples of Jesus Christ
    • At PM, we have a program to intentionally make disciples. It’s called the Discipleship Program. It’s a 40-day program, composed of over a dozen retreats. It can be done over several years. At the completion of the program, you are a fully trained disciple of Jesus Christ.
    • Your children and you adults can be trained to be disciples. There are brochures available – see the side aisle. Show the people one of these brochures.
    • Late in my parenting, it occurred to me that I could “make my children disciples” by having them go through the 40-Day Discipleship Program. I never quite got that idea translated into reality, though. But it is a good way to help your children to become disciples.
    • At PM, we also have the Guadalupe Bible College – it trains disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Are you already a disciple of Jesus Christ? One way you can help make other disciples is by offering your help to the Lady of Guadalupe Discipleship Center and the Guadalupe Bible College programs.