GBC Homw Study Students

Home Study Students

"The tapes, i.e., the teachings themselves seem to be opening a whole new world for me — those same Scriptures that I've read before or heard, come alive through these teachings. It is very exciting."

Student, Smithville, WV


  • Home study courses and seminars are available only for those committed to taking the full college program.

  • Each home study student will be assigned a teacher for each course or seminar.

  • 80% of the college program can be done through home study. The remaining portion must include classroom participation. Exceptions are made for prisoners, non-USA students and persons with extenuating circumstances.

  • Homework is assigned for each session.

  • The following elements need to be integrated:
    1. the primacy of learning from direct contact with a teacher and in the context of Christian community.
    2. a schedule compatible with the time constraints of the average lay Christian.
    3. full use of media: books, audio and video recordings.
    4. challenging but reasonable demands made on the students.

  • Responses to the teachings include: prayer, writing, teaching, ministry, research

  • The assignment for each session should take from 2 to 4 hours to complete.

  • Sample assignments are available upon request.