GBC Curriculum


Our curriculum is intended to give our students a basic, comprehensive understanding of the Bible and the teachings of the Church. Without knowing the Church's teaching, we would not be able to rightly interpret the Bible. Also, we must not only be hearers of the word but doers (Jas 1:22). Therefore, we must apply God's word both to the ministries that all Christians are called to do and to some of the special ministries the Lord has given each student.

The curriculum of GBC consists of 73 subjects. Courses are at least 12 sessions and seminars are at least 7 sessions.

I. THE BASICS (57 Subjects)

  • Church Teachings (1)
    • Catechism of the Catholic Church (2 semesters)
      Teachings on official Church documents are included in most courses of the curriculum.
  • The Bible (34)
    • Principles of Bible Interpretation
    • BOOKS OF THE BIBLE (33 courses)
  • The Church (5)
    • The Church in God's Plan
    • The Fathers of the Church
    • An Overview of Church History
    • Mary in God's Plan
    • The Doctors of the Church
  • First Things First (5)
    • Renewing Your Baptism
    • Life in the Spirit
    • Living in Reality
    • Seek First God's Kingdom
    • Life-Style in the Spirit
  • Vocations (8)
    • Who Am I In Christ?
    • The Vocation of the Laity in the Secular World
    • Christian Marriage
    • Single for the Lord
    • Women in Christ
    • Men in Christ
    • Christian Parenting
    • Discipling through Home-Schooling
  • Liturgy (4)
    • Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth
    • The Sacraments
    • Theology and History of the Eucharist
    • The Liturgy of the Hours


  • Charisms (Gifts of the Spirit)
  • Evangelization and Worship
  • Ministering the Word of God
  • Making Disciples, Suffering Redemptively, and Loving Mary
  • Discipleship (using the book, Conversion Conversations) (2 semesters)
  • How to Renew Your Parish
  • The Ministries of Intercession and Healing
  • Apologetics
  • Brotherhood and Sisterhood in Christ
  • Fighting for Life
  • Fighting for Justice and Freedom (The Church's Teaching on Social Justice)


  • Building Small Christian Communities
  • How to Teach the Bible
  • Prophecy and Deliverance
  • The Spiritual Gift of Leadership
  • Evangelizing Young People