Prayer Request

Lord I pray for my children who are pro choice and pro abortion. I pray that they will return to the practice of the faith that they were baptized into. Thank you Lord for all of our blessings. We are truly grateful for the joy and peace we experience in our faith in you. Please help us to be strong physically so that we can spread the faith and joy that we have to those who have no hope. Help us with our arthritis and dental problems to find medical care and healing. Thank you Lord for the good priests we have, for Fr. Al and all those with presentation ministries that continue to be an inspiration for us.
How God is answering my prayer:

2 of my boys are talking to me when I call them, but the conversation is guarded as they rely on different current news. My knee gave out last Monday AM and I went to the ER and put ice on it for 6 hours; I will see my primary Dr and a dentist on Monday. The homeless are stealing from us--merchandise from our shop, a battery from the small trailer and a little step stool I need to get into the truck. Added prayers are welcome to try to appreciate God's will. We are happy to listen to good sermons on Sunday, altho we are missing the Eucharist. Thank you for the prayers and uplifting messages. B

Bernadette T
United States
March 18, 2020