Prayer Request

Please pray for my daughter Alison and her baby girl, Naomi. They have been stuck in Canada for 6 months, having come here for a wedding, from England. They need a visa for the baby (she's 18 months), and have been turned down twice. Alison just wants to get back to England to re-join her husband Brent and to finish her PhD thesis. She is now applying for a visa for the THIRD time. They jus want to get back together as a family. She really wanted to be home for Easter. Please pray and ask the Lord to open a way thru this "Red Sea". Thank You!
How God is answering my prayer:

Alison has submitted the visa. We still have not heard back from the agency that handles these. We certainly feel confident that the baby will be granted her visa this time. Praise God, in advance. thank you for your prayers. they mean so much, and help so much.

Burlington, ON
March 19, 2013