Prayer Request

All Honor, Adoration, Gratitude, Glory and Praise are always Yours alone and forever (Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) Heavenly Father, . Jesus, thank You for all You have done for us. Thank You for suffering and dying so that we might live. St. Mary, thank you for saying Yes to God so Jesus could be brought into this needful world. Jesus, please increase vocations to the priesthood, and religious vocations esp. where needed the most, watch over them and protect them from the dangers and evils of this world and from anyone who would take them away from You. Give them all of the graces, help, fortitude they will need for the troubling times ahead Lord Jesus, watch over Pope Benedict and all future true popes. Strengthen him (them) for the trials that lay ahead for him (them). .
How God is answering my prayer:

I understand that the local diocese has several ( maybe 5 or 6 or even more seminarians, & young men interested in the priesthood. I am overjoyed, as we are really "low" on priests, men who are coming out of retirement and/or men who are not being allowed to retire because of the shortage and because these men care enough about God and serviing Him that they are making the ultimate sacrifice. The present priests in my area are at retirment age and over, and yet are trying to meet our needs. Some of these men are putting themselves in danger by driving at night, etc when their vision is becoming impaired. My reaction is Thank You Jesus, for the increased vocations and for your prayers for this intention!

Jeanne Marlman
Mancos, Co.
United States
October 31, 2012