how do i seek the kingdom of god?

The title of this retreat is 'How Do I Seek the Kingdom of God?' The title has a double meaning -- like, someone might direct me on how to seek the Kingdom, as well as a second layer of meaning -- a self-reflective in, 'how well am I doing at this?'

To REGISTER for this retreat:

From June 28, 2021 to June 30, 2021


Call (513) 373-2397 or (937) 587-5464 or email to register!


Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel and Retreat Center (Presentation Ministries), 5701 Lawshe Rd, Peebles, OH 45660


Cost: A free-will donation, so everyone can afford to attend!


Retreat begins 7pm on Friday with Adoration and continues 9 a.m. on Saturday and ends Sunday afternoon. All for a free-will offering, so everyone can afford to come! For the retreat talks, the resources used are: Catechism of the Catholic Church, Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People, and Presentation Ministries Resources found on the website: The Kingdom Teachings in the Gospel of Matthew Accepting Jesus as Lord, God and Savior (PM pamphlet). PM Video V 43, part 2 Seek First the Kingdom (PM pamphlet) Be Holy for I Am Holy (PM pamphlet) The Beatitudes (PM pamphlet) Gospel of Mathew 16:18-19; PM video V 115 - The Church in America Part I; Part II; PM video V 55 - Pope Paul VI On Evangelization PM publications: Pope Francis - Shepherd of Truth: The Church: Mother to All John Paul Speaks; The Church in America Part I… Part II Beautiful overnight accommodations are available, but space is limited. Early registration highly recommended.


A variety of speakers will give inspiring talks from a Catholic perspective on seeking first the Kingdom of God.