40 day prayer and fasting 2021

40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Presentation Ministries

On October 30th 2021, Presentation Ministries held our Annual  Home Based Community/CoWorker Retreat.  It was agreed that since our prophecies earlier this year called us to, “Pray for a new wisdom of strategy”,  we would have a period of 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.  This began on November 1st and will conclude on December 10th .  Since our ministry is founded on Prophecy, we are praying especially to hear the Lord’s words for us. 

Please join us in fasting and prayer, especially listening prayer.  Please note that a ONE word prophecy was the catalyst for the completion of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel and Dormitories.  Every word from the Lord is important, and the words you receive may be used to confirm someone else’s prophecy.  Please send any words  you receive for Presentation Ministries to: pubsandtapes@presentationministries.com.

At our retreat, we also distributed a list of Service Opportunities for Presentation Ministries. If you feel called  to be a part of the work  of Presentation Ministries, we invite you to consider  these opportunities.  You can contact us at the email listed above.

In Jesus’ name,

The Word Gifts Ministry