Prayer Request

For a family to come back to church and sacraments and bring up their children to know and love Jesus. For physical spiritual emotional temporal needs to be met for R M P M L M R A PL PJ BL SV MV, Lord have mercy on them and draw them to you as only you in your infinite mercy goodness and love for them can do. For a friend to acknowledge need for healing of inner wounds manifesting in OCD scrupulosity migraine and for the family wisdom understanding knowledge discernment to access available help, for SV to be healed of inner wounds he is unaware of of, Lord have mercy and bring the right people in his life to help him as he is getting married next year. For his fiance every grace and blessing she stands in need of to support him with love and kindness. Mary please intercede. Amen ---- We have prayed with you
Nan V
October 3, 2022