Prayer Request

Dear Lord Jesus,🕊 I beg of you to bring healing to my husband who was sexually abuse from ages 7 to 17. One of the sexual abuses were from a Catholic Priest. Please dear Lord help him heal body, soul, and mind. Help our children heal as well. Help them gain respect for their dad once again. Please help our marriage which is being ripped apart and challenged everyday by the evil one. I love you Lord. I praise you! Never let me be separated from you. Amen 🙏
How God is answering my prayer:

Thank you for all of your prayers. I know our Lord is working in His special way. However, things haven't gotten any better. My husband continues to conceal his addiction with teenage male porn. He refuses to discuss anything with me regarding our marriage & family. After 50 years of hiding and lying; to himself and everyone else in his life, he hopes it will all just disappear. I can’t let this go! I am living in such dispare (alone, hurt, and lied to,) I feel that my only resolve is to file for an annulment. Please continue praying for us. I don’t know what to do. Help me Lord!

United States
March 17, 2020