Prayer Request

Hello everyone, It has been three months after my wedding. My wife 'D',has been diagonised with failed ovaries and ovarian cancer. Doctors have advised us that having children is not possible. Also, my wife and her family did hide the fact that she had only periods twice the year before her wedding. I do no want to lose her but my parents insist that this marriage is void and is talking to different church people. I am confused and cannot make a decision. I request every one to pray that my wife who is undergoing chemotherapy to miraculously get her ovaries functioning properly, so that we can lead a family life praising christ. Request: For her to have a miraculous recovery making her capable of having children For me to keep her and forgive everything Thanks in advance for all your prayers. I need them badly.
How God is answering my prayer:

She is finishing her chemotherapy. Since everything suggests that her condition was something that was hidden from me before wedding. I am to initiate annulment of my marriage. But am still praying for her and a miracle. I want the situation to change during the process and take her back into my life. This way she would be acceptable to my family as well. I do not know whether am right but am having to make this difficult choice. Please pray along with us

Dusseldorf, NRW
May 14, 2011