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Vol. 8, Issue 3, Fall 2005

A Newsletter of Encouragement!
"Encourage one another daily as long as it is called today..." — Heb 3:13

Heading to the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany during World Youth Day

World Youth Day, 2005
2005 Bible Institute Draws Large Attendance
Indiana Communities Network
What Have Co-workers Been Up To Lately? A Project of "Fr. Al Magnitude"
Home Based Community Members Are Blessed With Relic
Media Ministries News
Mr (or Mrs) Clean & Leaky Roof
Guadalupe Bible College
WYD 2005 Pilgrims Returned To Their Homeland In A "New Way"


World Youth Day, 2005

"We have come to worship Him." —Matthew 2:2

By Celeste Woods

In reflecting on my pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne, Germany, the theme from Matthew encompasses my experience. In these six simple words the Magi expressed the purpose of their journey, and this summer I was blessed with the opportunity to partake in that journey. But what I came to truly understand for the first time is that this journey I made to worship Jesus is the purpose of my entire life.

Of the twelve days in Germany, my favorites were those spent in Köln or Cologne for the World Youth Day (WYD) events. It didn't matter to me that it took two hours to get on a train to go twelve kilometers. Or two hours to walk across the bridge for lunch. Even drudging up the narrow 509 spiral steps to the top of the Dom (Cathedral) was well worth the wait, the claustrophobic atmosphere, and the BO of hundreds of people who were climbing the steps at the same time. Every challenge was an opportunity to pray, offer things up and to be joined in the spirit of pilgrimage. Surely, the Magi suffered discomforts, so could we!

Setting up "camp" at Marian Field for the all night vigil with Pope Benedict XVI

I think that one of the things that made the trip so amazing was that each day was packed with unexpected events. For example, one day, so many people were crowding the train station that the police blocked it off until it cleared out. My group of thirty-nine pilgrims waited in the pouring rain in the midst of a vast crowd until the station was reopened. While waiting, one of the dads in my group started praying the rosary aloud. So here we were, the thirty-nine of us joining him in prayer surrounded by a mass of pilgrims all speaking different languages and his voice could be heard clearly, praying the rosary in pouring down rain. Sure, I was tired, cold and hungry, and yet, it is one of my favorite memories. Another time, I was with a few friends and we were trying to get to Mass. However, the street to the entrance of the church was blocked off. When we finally arrived at the church we were greeted by hundreds of pilgrims who had arrived before us packing in all the seats of the church. Of course, by now, things like this were just part of the pilgrimage and didn't faze us. We walked right in, shed our back packs, and claimed "seats" on the ornate mosaic floor with a marble pillar providing our back-rest. Every pilgrim has experiences like these, but when I was there, I didn't think anything of it, now I realize how much these events added to the trip.

For me, the highlight of World Youth Day was being at the Marian Field for the Papal Mass. When Pope Benedict XVI was riding in the pope mobile, I squeezed my way through the crowd to the fence which was blocking people out of the secure area. But then, the fence was covered in tarp and I was too short to see over. Some people already there helped cut the tarp off and we climbed the fence so we could get a glimpse of our new Holy Father. When the police realized what we were doing, they came over and were hitting people's hands so they would be forced to let go and get off the fence. I never realized how lucky I was to have sprained my shoulder two days before while playing Ultimate Frisbee. The point is, my arm was in a sling, so when the policeman came to me, he saw my arm in the sling and my other arm holding me on the fence. He just looked at me with half a grin and turned around. Right then, Pope Benedict rode by and I was within 10 feet of him…my eyes still tear up when I tell this story.

Not only was it amazing to see Pope Benedict but it was also because he is the Vicar of Christ on earth, the successor of Peter. It was at the moment I saw him at WYD that I realized I had come to worship Christ and was being led by the Holy Father. Later, on the plane ride home, I understood how WYD was a pilgrimage meant to be a wellspring of grace to help me on the greater pilgrimage of life. Blessed with this experience, I have learned to say in my own words, "I am here to worship Him."


2005 Bible Institute Draws Large Attendance

By Marianne Lander

"I came to the Bible Institute worn out and sad and left renewed and joy-filled!" Such was one of the many positive comments about Presentation Ministries' 19th Annual Bible Institute. This year saw an increase in attendance drawing a registration of 420, with 184 of these coming for the first time. Because not everyone registers, this number could indicate that close to 800 people came through the Bible Institute, if not to class, then for liturgies, evening sessions, and weekend segments.

Sue Weber and Mattie Miller faithfully produce thousands of tapes each year at Presentation Ministries' Bible Institute

An increased participation in the weekday sessions seems to show a greater willingness to become equipped with spiritual gifts and training, readying themselves to be effective workers in God's Kingdom-building. Many are finding the means to attain a deeper level of discipleship. One person "appreciated the 'blessed assurance' attitude from the leaders (teachers) that 'you can do it!' "

A review of the comment sheets discloses that attendees returned to their homes with much encouragement, finding new ways to pray with their families and garnering new hope. They were spiritually built up through the daily liturgies, the openness to prayer, finding genuine hospitality during their stay, and were heartened through basking in an atmosphere of strong believers. Did the Bible Institute meet her needs? "Where to start," one woman wrote, "healing, healing healing!" The Life In The Spirit Seminar surveys their participants separately, and were told that "God definitely stirred up the Holy Spirit in the dynamic speakers and the attendees." "It was not as intimidating as [one participant] feared."

Twenty-seven states were represented from the USA, those from California and Washington state coming the farthest. But others hailed from as far away as Ghana, West Africa and British Columbia, Canada to be taught by the fifty-two teachers who were involved this year—four or five of these teachers for the first time.

Over 6,100 audio tapes of the sessions were produced and scooped up, and appreciated. "Thanks for these tapes," another commented, "they are extremely helpful. There is so much to take in the first time around, I couldn't write enough notes!" Tapes remain available if anyone decides to take a second look at the teachings offered this past Summer. Ask for a tape brochure from the 2005 Bible Institute, or find the programs listed at our website. Under PM Ministry List, click on "Bible Institute," "2005," and "program descriptions."

A reverse perspective shows just how much several of the priests of our archdiocese truly find satisfaction and spiritual uplifting by ministering to those at the Bible Institute. Due to a desire to include our newly ordained priests this year, not all previously participating priests were called in for liturgies/confessions/teachings. They expressed their regret at not being included.

Plan now to attend next year's Summer Bible Institute, July 21-29, 2006, to hear key speaker, Jesse Romero. Additionally, Fr. Bill McCarthy will return with a three-day seminar on apologetics. One participant recently wrote to announce she will be talking this up in her diocese. She may even try to organize a bus-load of people to all come together next year.


Indiana Communities Network

By Darlene Davis

The annual picnic for the Indiana Communities Network was well attended on August 28. All communities in the Indianapolis area were represented. Thanks to Marc Garcia and Tracy Lopez for organizing a fun an relaxing event.

The highlight of the afternoon was "Catholic Jeopardy" which Marc and Tracy and their team put together. Single Jeopardy was for adults and Double Jeopardy was for the children. Questions ranged from very simple to very challenging.

The next scheduled event for the Indiana Network is the retreat which will be in March, 2006.


What Have Co-workers Been Up To Lately? A Project of "Fr. Al Magnitude"

By Marianne Lander

How many parishes exist in the United States today?

I am not sure, but the co-workers are willing to discover this through a hands-on mailing project. They have recently launched a One Bread, One Body promotional, targeting USA parishes.

It is a simple concept but requires a massive industriousness. The beauty is that any co-worker can choose to involve themselves expending as much or as little time and effort as each can handle.

In a nutshell, each co-worker mails a couple of samples of One Bread, One Body (OBOB) to parishes in an assigned region along with a cover letter. Within two week's time they follow up with a phone call to the pastor.

A brief and courteous cover letter invites the pastor to review the book and consider making it available to his parish. It explains about the "free-will" donation and that all workers in Presentation Ministries volunteer their time. Further, it states that PM is a lay association under diocesan authority and list our goals:

  1. Catholics develop a personal relationship with Jesus through the word,
  2. Equip them to become true disciples working to promote the faith using the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
  3. And promote and support the formation of home based communities where their members encourage daily prayer and frequent use of the sacraments (i.e. daily Mass, Holy Communion, and monthly Confession).

Supporting OBOB's popularity, the cover letter relates that numerous communications arrive weekly from those exclaiming how OBOB's daily reflections on the Mass scriptures have changed their lives. Praise God! The book is fulfilling it's purpose.

One Bread, One Body has been written for twenty-plus years, is a closing thought, and pastors are encouraged to visit PM's website.

If you can spare some time to help with this project, please contact Jerry Cappel (513) 922-9270 or email He will explain the few details that you need, and keep track of which area you plan to contact.

Remember, you can accept as much or as little work as you can handle. Just think! If you only sent two of these each month, in one year you will have contacted twenty-four parishes who otherwise would never have known about this valuable resource.


Home Based Community Members Are Blessed With Relic

By Gayle Carroll & Marianne Lander

Members and guests of St. Pio HBC celebrate the Feast of St. Padre Pio, Sept 23

What would be more perfect for St. Pio Home Based Community than for each member to be personally blessed with a relic of St. Padre Pio? That is exactly what took place on Friday evening, Sept 23, on the relatively new Feast day of St. Padre Pio.

"Our pastor of Immaculate Conception Church here in Madison, Ohio—which most of us belong to—called last week and asked What would be more perfect for St. Pio Home Based Community than for each member to be personally blessed with a relic of St. Padre Pio? That is exactly what took place on Friday evening, Sept 23, on the relatively new Feast day of St. Padre Pio.

"Our pastor of Immaculate Conception Church here in Madison, Ohio—which most of us belong to—called last week and asked if I knew that Sept. 23rd is the anniversary of the death of St. Pio?" said Gayle Carroll, who with her husband, Don, leads the small community. "Fr. Sean Donnelly is a frequent visitor at our community meetings, and is very supportive of what we do. He offered to come and say a home mass in honor of St. Pio for our community. He also had a relic of Padre Pio, which he gave to our St. Pio Home-Based Community."

The community members decided to make a grand occasion of it, commencing with a shared meal at the parish. Others parishioners were invited to this special event and the evening served as an excellent introduction to home based community for them.

Proceeding to Don & Gayle's home, thirty-six people praised and worshiped to the accompaniment of five guitarists who normally lead music ministry for the group. When Fr. Donnelly arrived, more singing filled the little chapel as he likes to sing the various parts of the Mass. Previously, Gayle and Don had been given an antique altar for their chapel space in their home. This celebration fulfilled their heart's desire of one day using the special altar for a Mass. At the conclusion, each person was called forward to receive a blessing on their forehead with St. Pio's relic. "Needless to say, we were all thrilled," continued Gayle, "we considered this to be the highlight of this past year, followed closely by the Bible Institute this summer which a great number of us were privileged to attend."

Each person was called forward to receive a blessing on their forehead with St.Pio's relic

Meeting in Madison, Ohio at the home of Don & Gayle Carroll, St. Pio Home Based Community (HBC) is entering their 4th year of being together. They began after attending the last Bible Institute before Fr. Al Lauer passed away. Most impressive to them were the children of all the communities, and their obvious love for the Lord. This witness, along with all the other powerful testimonies and teachings heard during those nine days convinced them that Christian community was exactly what they were looking for to grow closer to Christ in a Catholic orthodox way. Shelley & Rev. Mr. Ken Meade, also of Madison, Ohio, were instrumental in their formation, and still monitor/mentor them.

St. Pio HBC has a good mix of families, singles, couples and kids. Most meetings average 12 - 15 members, and on special occasions have peaked out at 25 attending, which includes 6-8 very active kids. They always start their 2nd and 4th Friday meetings with praise and worship followed by a teaching, then by prayer/ministry, and ending with food and fellowship. Our kids fully participate in the praise time, and ending prayer time. In between, they go off to another room for a Christian video, craft project or preparation/rehearsal for the next outreach.

Their outreach ministry has developed into taking "old fashioned prayer meetings" into many of the local nursing homes. It's nothing more than an abbreviated home-based community meeting, but it gives them a chance to evangelize the elderly and their families. A comment overheard after one such event was "I didn't know Catholics were like that." The residents get involved in singing "old timey" hymns, (the kids have made plastic shaker egg rhythm instruments so the residents can join in with the music), short scriptures are shared, the kids perform a skit, and they then close with prayers for everyone's intentions. This outreach fits the HBC to a tee, and has met with much enthusiasm. The occasion is enjoyed by both the HBC and the elderly. At a recent trip to an assisted living center, they found a grandmother grieving for her grandson, killed in Iraq. Two of the children from St. Pio HBC approached her and each took her hand. She held fast to them and they never left her side the whole evening.

Thank you for your witness, St. Pio Home Based Community! May the light of Christ always shine through you!


Media Ministries News

"Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature." —Mark 16:15


Columbus, Ohio and Perth Amboy, New Jersey / Staten Island, New York Add "Daily Bread" Program

By Dean Weber

Columbus, Ohio is served by WUCO-AM 1270 "St. Gabriel Radio" a new Catholic Radio station that started on the air August 1st. It is located in Marysville, Ohio but also services Columbus at night and also services an area due West from marysville almost to the Indiana border during the day. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus. Fr. Lauer's program is on Monday thru Friday at 9:00 AM and 7:30 PM.

Perth Amboy, New Jersey / Staten Island, New York is served by WFJS-FM 89.3 "Domestic Church Media", a new Catholic radio station that started on the air September 1st. It services the area day and night. It is located in Hazlet, New Jersey. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus. Fr Lauer's program is on Monday thru Friday at 6:45 AM.

We want to thank the management of "St Gabriel Radio" and "Domestic Church Media" for starting a Catholic station and for putting Fr. Lauer's program on the air.


72,000 Listeners?

By Dean Weber

Are there that many listeners of Fr. Lauer's "The Classic Edition of Daily Bread" radio programs?

Could be, if he is listened to by one percent of the population that is being served by the twenty-six radio stations on which he is being broadcast. This is possible. Praise the Lord!

Let our report go forth through all the earth, our message, to the ends of the world. —Psalm 19:5


Video Witness

By Sue Weber

I have ordered videos in the past on reading the Bible and they have really helped me tremendously! May I order some more and will gladly send a donation soon after receiving them?

When I came home from work this afternoon the video tape was in my mailbox. I was quite interested in the tape and have already reviewed it. It will make a fine addition to my presentation this weekend. While I was watching it I thought of the other tape for the remainder of the Sacraments and I was going to go back on the web site to order that one also. They will also be an asset to me as I work with the young adults related to their Confirmation studies and I do a segment on the Sacraments.
~Deacon Rich

Thank you for all you do. I have been reading One Bread, One Body for 2 1/2 years and it is amazing how much closer I have become with God. I have especially found the Holy Spirit in my life which I never had any comprehension of before. Thank you. I have been reading the Bible, but am looking forward to Father Lauer's videos for further insight.

We enjoyed the first video and are looking forward to these three!


Audio Tapes

By Sue Weber

Fr. Lauer's audio tapes are just as popular as when he was still alive and teaching. His teachings are timeless.

"Go out into the Deep" and get deeper into his teaching thru listening to his audio tapes.


New on the PM website - The PM Prayer Room

By Chris Jasek

Leave us your prayer requests so our Internet Prayer Team and other visitors to our website can pray for you. We also need more people to join our Internet Prayer Team so please pray about whether God is calling you to this ministry.

Visit and click on Prayer Room.


Bible Telephone Line

There are active Bible Telephone Lines in the following cities:

Atlanta, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Dayton, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Long Island, NY

Call and listen to a short teaching on the eucharistic readings for the day.

One worker from the Ministry Center who recently underwent eye surgery, cannot yet see well enough to read. She learned the importance of having the Bible Telephone Line at her fingertips each day after having to give up reading the Bible and praying the Liturgy of the Hours as she was in the habit of doing.


Mr (or Mrs) Clean & Leaky Roof

News from the Ministry Center Leaders, Edward and Loretta Nerswick.

I praise the Risen Lord for you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank you for all your prayers for this ministry. We appreciate all those who work at the Ministry Center.

At this time it is important that we get your help in this hour of need.

First: We are blessed to have Dan Hunt living in the apartment above the office who has been gracious enough to shovel snow, do the yard work, and jobs of that nature. Unfortunately he is unable to clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the floors in the basement on a regular basis. Therefore we would like to find someone to clean the basement at least twice a month. Ideally a couple of people volunteering for this task would be best. In the past we have asked those Home Based Communities who were able to participate to take a month out of the year to clean. It might be necessary to resurrect this program. Please pray and discern if God is calling you to this important work. If you are interested, need information, or have any suggestions please call Loretta Nerswick at 513-471-4397.

Second: It has been determined that it is now time to replace rather than patch the worn out rubber membrane on the patio floor, which is the basement roof. The leaks are getting worse and this has to be resolved. Please keep this in your prayers and if you can be of any help please call Edward Nerswick at 513-227-3280.

May the Dear Lord continue to bless us and may we grow in holiness as sons and daughters of God the Father.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

Loretta May Mary


Guadalupe Bible College

"A lamp to my feet is your word, a light to my path" —Psalm 119:105

By Shelley Meade

In a recent news release Pope Benedict XVI promoted Biblical Meditation as a means of bringing renewal to Church. ZENIT News Services reported September 16, 2005 that:

Benedict XVI believes that the recovery of the practice of "lectio divina," prayerful meditation of Scripture, will bring a "new spiritual springtime" for the Church.

The practice of prayerful meditation on of the Sacred Scriptures is an intimate part of the curriculum of Guadalupe Bible College (GBC). GBC is as much a means of faith formation as a means of understanding God's revelation. More than head knowledge GBC is a faith walk. Students are encouraged to pray before reading Scripture, answering the homework questions, putting their faith in action, and then prayerfully meditating on some aspect of their lesson. The Holy Father continued:

"Assiduous reading of sacred Scripture accompanied by prayer makes that intimate dialogue possible in which, through reading, one hears God speaking, and through prayer, one responds with a confident opening of the heart," Over the past 40 years, this proposal has received attention throughout the Church after the publication of the Second Vatican Council's dogmatic constitution on divine Revelation, "Dei Verbum." "If this practice is promoted with efficacy, I am convinced that it will produce a new spiritual springtime in the Church," stated the Holy Father. To promote "lectio divina," Benedict XVI suggested "new methods, attentively pondered, adapted to the times."

Fr. Al Lauer, inspired by the Holy Spirit, developed Guadalupe Bible College as a means to sanctify the Church (Eph 5:25), renew the face of the earth (Ps 104:30) and prepare us for the "new springtime" prophesied by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, until Jesus' final return.

For more information about Our Lady of Guadalupe Bible College contact:

Shelley Meade
c/o Guadalupe Bible College
P.O. Box 96
Madison, Ohio 44057


WYD 2005 Pilgrims Returned To Their Homeland In A "New Way"

by Dave Willig

Pictured right, Pope Benedict XVI travels around Cologne during World Youth Day

It is a great day to be Catholic!" This common Irish Catholic greeting best summarizes my recent pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany. My wife, Janet, our six older children of eight, and myself were part of the St. Leo Church Youth Group consisting of thirty-one youth and eight adults, who traveled to Cologne, Germany for the celebration of World Youth Day.

World Youth Day (WYD) brought together about a million people, mostly youth, from over 180 countries to sing praises to God and celebrate the fullness of the Body of Christ. It was beautiful to witness the likeness and the differences of all the various nationalities represented right before our eyes. Germans, Italians, French, Africans, Poles, Croatians, Koreans, Chinese, Spaniards, Canadians, USA/Americans, Mexicans, Japanese all were having a fun time together in prayer and community. It was like the first Christian Pentecost. There was a common bond in the Catholic faith, and radiant joy among all the WYD participants. Communication was simple and easy between the various languages, and cultures, each one assisting the other to communicate.

God reminded us that we were all on a pilgrimage. The million or so visitors to Cologne overwhelmed the infrastructure of Cologne, which has an elaborate public transportation system of trains, trolleys, and buses. The trains were shut down and barricades were set up blocking the town square so our St. Leo Group was separated on several occasions, and once in a driving thunderstorm. We also had a few brief illnesses during the trip.

The evening before the Pope's Mass, all the pilgrims slept out on the ground at Marian Fields, a large rented farmland, on a very damp, foggy, bone chilling night with the temperature in the mid 40's. On Sunday, we all woke up to a chilly overcast day. However, by the time of the morning Papal Mass, the sun began to peek through the clouds.

This joyful, universal celebration of the Mass well expressed the theme of the WYD. "We have come to worship him" (Mt 2:2). Pope Benedict XVI led the celebration of the Holy Mass with 500 bishops and cardinals, 10,000 priests, and a million—mostly youth—in attendance. What a powerful gathering to celebrate the Holy Eucharist and praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Magi theme continued "So they departed to their own country in another way" (Mt 2:12). Just as the Magi departed to their own country in a new way, all the WYD 2005 pilgrims returned to their homeland in a "new way." They left with a greater hope in Christ to save a sinful world, a deeper Love for Jesus and for all men and women of all races and cultures, and a stronger faith in Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

At the end of the Mass the youth led us in the enthusiastic chants with rhythmic clapping of "Benedicto, Benedicto, Benedicto". We thank and praise Jesus for allowing our family the privilege to share in WYD 2005 in Cologne, Germany and we pray we will have the wonderful privilege to participate in WYD 2008 in Sidney Australia! Thanks to everyone for your prayers, love, and financial support to make this dream possible. It is a great day to be Catholic!


The cost of this publication is a donation. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit what amount He would have you contribute.

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