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In Memory of Fr. Al Lauer

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I discovered Fr. Al's messages on the Laudate app. I also did not know Fr. Al had passed until I went to the internet to access more of his works. I listen to Fr. Al everyday and I feel like he is a personal friend. I thank God for Fr. Al and all the wonderful work he did to teach and spread the faith. I love his style and alway enjoy his messages. I hope he knows how many people he has helped grow in the faith. I look forward to meeting him when I reach heaven, I know it will be a reunion full of joy!

Mark Hovis
May 25, 2017

How can I even begin to say how special you are to me,Fr Al Lauer, For the past few years I've been listening to your OBOB ministry on Laudate! And I am invigorate and motivated to follow Jesus with an inexplicable zeal!!! I never like missing your audios and if I do I simply go back! Sometimes I have to hear them a few times! I love your prophetic ways of proclaiming the word of God! one day I found out that you had cancer; it broke my heart, then I hadn't even realized that you have passed into your 5th day since 2002! Fourteen years ago!!! Fr I cried for you, actually I mourned for you, because I feel like I know you, because you are my brother even closer than my actual blood family, you're changing my life you are healing my soul and have given me a zeal for bringing others to Christ actually bringing Christ to others through me! You make it so easy to share the word of God especially to my family members that have left the church! I know you know what I mean and who I mean! Because I feel your proud intercession!!! Especially for my nephew Abraham "Abbies ", ( your messages that I occasionally share with him are touching him!) So thank you for that! I have a strong desire and a profound feeling that he will end up not only becoming a catholic but a Priest! And Fr. Today I somehow felt like googling you and reading all about your funeral and coments written about you, and I am crying mess, because just earlier today I had just shared with my best friend that I know that when I get to Heaven! You are one of my favorite Saints that I'm going to lovingly embrace! Of course after Jesus!!! My first Love! So Fr Al ! I love you and thank you for touching my heart you truly live, every day you are welcomed into my prayer time...God allow you to help us down here in this valley of tears, pray for us so we can also be as strong as you were ~fighting the good fight!!! God bless you and Us! And please keep joining with me, I need your wisdom ever Day. In Christ your sister ~Lulu ♥️

Lulu Liddi
May 5, 2017

Just now I heard in this meditation that they had found cancer cells in your liver, I was hoping and praying you had beaten this....imagine my sadness to learn you had passed. I love hearing your messages, encouragement, prayers, you live on and can probably help us out more from your side. God bless you well done good and faithful servant until we meet.

April 25, 2017

Each day when I open the Laudate app. on my IPhone, my heart leaps (literally) as I hear the intro, "A classic edition of Daily Bread.." And then I hear that awful electronic musical intro...but no matter, it is the Word of Jesus that I am waiting for as proclaimed by Fr. Al and I am never disappointed. Fr. Al ministers the Love of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit...Even if my day has started off in a dreary fashion, one cannot listen to Fr. Al without coming away joyful. I am an Eastern Catholic Deacon and our scripture cycle does not follow the Roman Rite, but I still listened to Fr. Al for months, occasionally wondering why Presentation Ministries didn't get "with it" and use CD's instead of cassette tapes. I don't even OWN a cassette player. When I found out that Fr. Al went to Jesus in 2002, I wept...I'm serious...I felt that I had lost a mentor. I learned a great deal about preaching from Fr. Al, even though that was not his purpose. I learned that in order to preach effectively, you have to know love become Jesus for others. Each day I have a prayer list of saints who were great preachers, whose intercession I ask for. Fr. Al is on that list. Even though I never met him in this life, when I cross the threshold of God's grace... and after I see Jesus, Mary, Joseph and St. Paul...I will ask St. Peter...please... take me to Fr. Al.

Fr. Dcn Stephen G. Dozier
North Carolina
April 7, 2017

Father Al, I have been listening to you daily and am lifted up. I know God has great plans for you in his kingdom. Thank you Fr Al for being with us all these years giving us insights into the word of God. Take your rest now. You may be away but never gone.

Terrance Ang
March 20, 2017

I am only new to Daily Bread but I am a lifelong catholic. How I wish I had known about Fr Al when he was still alive. It hurts even me - a new listener to his marvellous energy - to know he isn't here now. What a power he brings in his evangelisation. Where are the Fr Al's today? Thank our Lord we have Bishop Robert Barron and Word on Fire. He continues Fr Al's work. I too, like others, look forward to meeting Fr Al in heaven where he certainly is. God must have really needed Fr Al - those heart-breaking updates in his illness! May we all continue to learn from Fr Al and his magnificent teachings.

NSW, Australia
February 9, 2017

Every day, Fr. Al makes me smile and gets me "pumped up" to live my faith out loud in this world. Thank you for your witness and example. I can't wait to officially meet you in Eternity! God rest your soul.

January 18, 2017

Every morning i start my day with the Prayer and teachings of Fr al Lauer and find it so empowering guiding me as a Catholic each day. I "fell in love" with that voice. Today I decided to Google this 'Shepherd' and am shocked to note that he passed on so many years ago. His sermons are so relevant and I am so touched by his energy, empathy and evangelical message. Rest in Peace and thank you, Fr Al.. you have reached me half the world away and your voice and message of God will always have a special place in my life..

Veronica Tan Lyann
November 28, 2016

Fr. Al Lauer. I was saddened to hear that you have passed to the next life. I prayed that you would of beaten the cancer. My sister Angie said that even though I prayed for you and you had already passed that my prayers still helped you, because God is the past, present and future. My prayers did help you. Thank you for all your words of wisdom. God is in ALL Time.

Sam Torres
November 10, 2016

My wife introduced me the Laudate app 2 years ago and I immediately am drawn by his fun, honest speech. Many times I go directly to his presentation to start or end my day at bed and feel very encouraging. He is so alive, creative and fun. My English is not so great that I thought his name is Father "Out Loud" in stead of Al Lauer, to get your attention to go to mass, in the most convincable way. At one time I really want to write or talk to him that I really enjoy his work, or at least see how he looks like. After a few searches I am shocked and saddened and so is my wife. I immediately pray for him and know deeply he must be a Saint, Pray for us all Father Al. Your words are even more alive. Thank you so much,

Bo Dinh
Austin Texas
October 19, 2016

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