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Vol. 7, Issue 1, Spring 2004

A Newsletter of Encouragement!
"Encourage one another daily as long as it is called today..." — Heb 3:13

Youth enjoy God's creation at the Paul Jansen Discipleship Center

A Letter From The Directors
A Letter From Camp John Paul II
Home-Based Communities' News
Indiana Network
Co-worker News
Outreach Ministry
World Youth Day 2005
Media Ministries (Bible Line, Tapes, Radio, Internet)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

"I know my Savior lives" (Job 19:25). These were the last written words of Fr. Al Lauer, the founder of Presentation Ministries. They speak of hope for all Christians. These words written about two weeks before his death (Oct 13, 2002) ring out the joyful hope of the Easter season and remind us of the need to live a resurrected life-style. The Holy Spirit empowers us to do this just as He did for the apostles and disciples on the first Pentecost. We are renewed and strengthened through the spiritual gifts given us so that we can die to desires of the flesh and worldly ways. We need regular spiritual disciplines, such as daily prayer time, daily Bible reading and meditation, daily Mass (as often as is practical in our particular situation) and monthly reconciliation.

In order to make sure that our values and goals remain "resurrected" we need Christian community, preferably a formal covenanted one in which we have regular fellowship, prayer and shared lives.

Presentation Ministries provides many opportunities to help brothers and sisters mature into disciples of Christ who can make a difference in this world, which is steeped in the culture of death. One way is to become a co-worker, which calls us to commit ourselves to do basic spiritual exercises to promote our spiritual growth. Our discipleship program and Bible Institute also offer excellent programs to encourage and equip us to "stay the course" and help us fulfill our calling to live out Matthew 28:19 in making disciples of all nations. We encourage you to come to these programs and bring a friend with you.

May this Easter and Pentecost season truly echo the proclamation of Fr. Al, "I know my Savior lives."

- George Schmidl & Jerry Cappel


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Presentation Ministries:

Praise and glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are totally excited that the week-long summer camps are to be reinstated this year. The Girls Camp is June 14 - June 18 and the Boys Camp is August 9 - August 13.  Those of you who were involved in camp ten years ago, no doubt you'll be excited too. Oh, the memories of good times, practical jokes, the beautiful countryside of Adams County! But most importantly, children were being discipled for Jesus Christ and making life decisions for Him at summer camp. You can see why we can't wait!

In order to pull this off, we'll need help in many different ways. Please pray and consider whether you can assist in any of the following ways:

  • Counselors: Adults interested in this ministry must contact us ASAP, in order to fulfill all requirements of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

  • Junior Counselors: Must be sixteen years of age and attend a youth retreat at the Discipleship Center or a two to three day Discipleship Retreat (see dates below). Each Junior counselor is a much needed extra "pair of hands."

  • Carpenters: (Amateurs welcome) We have been given St. John Bosco trailer for our camp dorm. It will need some renovations before it will be ready for campers.

  • Kitchen Help: Barb Bauer is in charge of meals for camp. However, as the Bauers are expecting their third child in May, she would be very appreciative of extra hands in the kitchen. Please contact Barb directly if you can help in this way. (Must be sixteen or older)

  • Contributions: The summer camps will have financial needs, including renovations on the dorm, purchases of food, and other necessary materials such as craft supplies. Contributions should be sent to the Paul Jansen Discipleship Center, 5701 Lawshe Rd., Peebles, OH 45660. Please specify on check "For Camp JP II."

  • Campers: Each camp is open to any child eight to thirteen years old. Child must reach their eighth birthday on or before Aug. 31, 2004. Absolutely no exceptions!!! Because of limited space and other certain factors, registrations are extremely limited. Only fifteen campers will be able to attend each week. Please register early as we will operate on a first come-first served basis.

God bless you and we hope to see your children or grandchildren at camp!

- Janet Fernandez (937) 587-1030
- Barb Bauer (937) 587-5030


Home-Based Communities networked in Presentation Ministries

Ohio Communities:


  • Acts 2:42
  • Lumen Christi
  • Sacred Hearts of Jesus/Mary
  • Adoremus (new)
  • New Creations
  • Servant Community
  • Ad Altare Dei
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Trinity
  • John the Baptist
  • Promised Community


  • St. Anthony


  • Totus Tuus


  • Living Hope


  • Holy Mountain


  • Our Lady of Loreto
  • Servants of the Cross
Indiana Communities:


  • Discipleship


  • Holy Family


  • Foundations of Faith (new)
  • Holy Family
  • Servants of Encouragement
  • St. Paul

Kentucky Communities:

Ft. Thomas:

  • Jesus of Mercy


  • Rivers of Living Waters

Tennessee Community:


  • Hope in the Lord
Michigan Communities:


  • Love, Peace, & Praise
  • River of Life

Grand Rapids area:

  • All for His Glory
  • Prayer Warriors
  • Agape Family
  • Servants of the Lord
  • Faithful Servants of the Lamb
  • Shepherds of the Family

Rogers City/Posen:

  • Eternal Life

Texas Communities:

El Paso:

  • Earthen Vessels
  • Joy of the Lord
  • Mary, Mother of Forgiveness
  • Faithful Family
  • Jesus, Son of the Mystical Rose
  • The Lord's Vineyard

If you are forming a new home-based community (or belong to an existing one) and wish to network with Presentation Ministries, contact Paul Autenrieb ( or 513-451-9038), who is the leader of the Home-based Communities Network for PM.

The next HBC leaders' training day is:

Saturday, May 1, 2004 at Our Lady of Good Hope Parish Center 6 S. Third St, Miamisburg, OH 8 AM - Noon. Carpool leaves from St. Antoninus at 6:45 AM from the lower parking lot (near the basketball hoops)


by Darlene Davis

The Indiana Communities Network held their first annual retreat on March 6 in Greenfield Indiana. All five communities participated. The theme of the retreat was: "Christian Community — Great Hope for the Church" and was based greatly on Redemptoris Missio (Mission of the Redeemer) by Pope John Paul II. The presenters were Marty Doucette, Terri Bates and Wayne Davis. Several community members gave witnesses and Fr. John Maung was the celebrant for Mass.

Indiana Communities Network has begun having intercommunity Fifth Sunday Gatherings. Praise, prayer, teaching, rosary and dinner are included in the format for these gatherings. The schedule for the Fifth Sunday Gatherings for the remainder of the year is: May 30, August 29, and October 31. These are held at Our Lady of the Apostles Family Center in Greenfield, Indiana. Community members from other areas are welcome and guests are also welcome. For directions or information call Wayne or Darlene Davis, (317) 462-5010.

Servants of Encouragement and Foundations of Faith communities in Greenfield, Indiana are conducting an outreach for those interested in joining community. Six families have indicated an interest. The series of six weekly meetings started on February 15 and will conclude on March 28. The format follows "Unless the Lord Build the House." Tracy and Mayela Lopez have discerned to be leaders of the new community that will be formed from these participants.


by Peggy Nicholas

"We need you!"

That was the Lord's word to the co-workers spoken by Fr. Al in the spring of 2001. He quoted Gn 29:3, citing the passage where all the shepherds needed to be present in order to move the large stone covering the well. Presentation Ministries (PM) needs each and every one of its co-workers living their baptisms and Christian life to the fullest, as well as pitching in however the Lord leads them in their work for the ministries.

Fr. Al reiterated Pope John Paul II's exhortation in Novo Millennio Ineunte, 15 to "put out into the deep", not being complacent and not relaxing our efforts in the new evangelization.

As a strong intercessor from heaven you can almost hear him reiterate that statement to all PM's co-workers again today: "We need you".

Amazingly, we find ourselves right in step with what Pope John Paul has called for, namely, developing a pastoral plan to guide us in our ministry. As you know, in observance of the Great Jubilee, members of PM gathered at a Summit Meeting with Fr. Al, back in April, 2000 as part of a 7 month discernment process to formulate just such a pastoral plan for PM. It has been three years now and the words of that document have been put into effect, with still more to go.

LaVerne Stecher, co-worker
This is where our co-workers stand tall as the very backbone of this ministries, in prayer, work, evangelization and in recruiting more "laborers for the harvest" in order to "bring to completion what He has begun in us" with that Summit meeting. The co-workers are the powerhouse of PM's "Saints Militant" and are serious about being faithful to their commitment to prayer and work for the Lord right where they are, in the normal routine of their everyday lives. They may not all be aware of it, but this is the makings of "Saints Triumphant". Little things done with great love...all for the glory of God, "that He may increase and we may decrease" (Jn 3:30).

One such co-worker is LaVerne Stecher, of Bridgetown, OH. After discerning and accepting this call, she has spent many long, hard hours in just about any and every capacity you can imagine in order to "put out into the deep". Thanks LaVerne! Keep up the good work!

Co-workers we still need you! Mark your calendars now for the next co-worker retreat July 9-10. Call: 973-587-5464 to register or email:



And from the Word Gifts Ministry, the Outreach Ministry was born

An interview with Mary Handermann by Peggy Nicholas

From this 40-day prayer period sprang our Word Gifts Ministry to "light our path" upon the way.
As most of you know, Fr. Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries (PM), served in outreach ministry for many years. He always provided vision for PM and often it came through his exceptional ministering. PM is called to equip (see Eph 4:11) and bring Jesus Christ, His word, and His magisterial teachings to the baptized layperson who hungers and thirsts to learn more about the Faith.

"A vast crowd kept following Him...'Get the people to recline'..Jesus took the loaves of bread, gave thanks, and passed them around to those reclining there...Gather that nothing will go to waste...12 baskets full...left over by those who had been fed..." (Jn 6:2-13). "If anyone thirsts, let him come to me; let him drink who believes in me. Scripture has it: 'From within him rivers of living water shall flow' " (Jn 7:37-38).

God is blessing PM, allowing it to "spread like a leaven throughout the earth" continuing in its outreach to provide spiritual food and drink in abundance to over a hundred and fifty thousand people throughout the world.

"We must be wise in how we accomplish our work," says Mary Handermann, spokesperson...

After Fr. Al died Oct 13, 2002, PM's leaders decided to enter into a 40-day period of prayer concerning the vision for Presentation Ministries. PM members submitted pages and pages of prayer and prophecy. From this 40-day prayer period sprang our Word Gifts Ministry to "light our path" upon the way. And from the Word Gifts Ministry the Outreach Ministry (OM) was born.

So far, the new OM offers three key programs: Life in the Spirit Seminars, the Bible Teachers Program, and How to Start Home-based Communities. "We must be wise in how we accomplish our work," says Mary Handermann, spokesperson for the OM. "At this time we are unable to travel long distances to teach/train others because of the fact that those currently involved in the OM are also responsible for other aspects of PM and most of us have families as well." Here Mary refers to the limited scope of ministering only to parishes within a 100-mile radius. The hope is that those who are taught/trained in the first circle will, in turn, take the teaching/training out into a further radius. There will likely be some flexibility in this plan, making decisions on a case-by-case basis. "It just comes down to needing more workers for the harvest" Mary continues. "Until that prayer is answered, people from outside the 100 mile radius will most likely have to come to Cincinnati for equipping and then take home what they receive and teach it to their own."

The hope is that those who are taught/trained in the first circle will, in turn, take [it] out into a further radius.

Eighteen persons form a core of the OM, grouping themselves into six teams, assigning two teams to each program, Life in the Spirit Seminars, Bible Teachers Program, and How to Start Home-based Communities.

The OM meets every four to five weeks breaking for summer to devote much time and energy, hosting and teaching, at the annual summer Discipleship Retreats and Bible Institute. The good news is that by the time summer gets here the fall schedule for the OM will already be in place. Praise God!

So far, in its short life-span, this ministry has accomplished great things for the glory of God "that He may increase and we decrease" (Jn 3:30).

The OM helped a local parish, Holy Family, conduct a Life in the Spirit Seminar. This was perhaps one of the most powerful seminars experiencing a great out pouring of the Holy Spirit because of its unique circumstances. Following each 30-minute teaching given by an adult, a 10-minute teaching was given by one of the nine PM youth who were asked to provide leadership. Attendees made many favorable comments but most notable were the ones concerning our young people. "I've never seen nor heard of such young Catholics so well versed, not only in Scripture, but also in the magisterial teachings." "These young people really know their faith!" "What a credit to PM these youngsters are!" The people of the parish were really impressed!

"I've never seen nor heard of such young Catholics so well versed, not only in Scripture, but also in the magisterial teachings."

By involving PM youth, the OM had hoped to attract many young people from Holy Family Church. Instead, only two young parishioners showed up, resulting in the gifts and knowledge manifested by PM's youth really catching the attention of and greatly blessing the adults. You never know how God will work in these seminars. "Who can know the mind of God?"

One of the OM teams recently made itself available for a Day of Reflection to the pastoral council (a spiritual discernment group) for the parish of St. Theresa Benedicta. The team has since returned to the 5-year-old parish, located in Bright, Indiana, to provide follow-up with an Enrichment Day for the CCD, RCIA, Youth Ministry, and other parish groups.

St. Jude's of Bridgetown (Cincinnati) was also the beneficiary of PM's Outreach Ministry when both Life in the Spirit as well as How to teach the Bible Seminars were offered to this parish within a relatively short period of time. The Holy Spirit provided in every way for the OM as well as for the participants.

Even though the focus is on the three key programs already mentioned, the Outreach Ministry is open to the Holy Spirit should anything else presents itself. There are numerous possibilities for the OM...only God knows what, how many, and how far this ministry will go.

Plans have been discussed to produce a video/DVD to explain what PM, and in particular PM's new Outreach Ministry, is all about. When ready, this video/DVD presentation will be a powerful tool covering the many facets of PM/OM and will be sent to those parishes and groups who request more information.

As always, the areas of prayer, workers for the harvest, and monetary support are needed. Please pray and obey concerning how you can be of service to God through this Outreach Ministry.


Some Members of Presentation Ministries' youth are planning to attend World Youth Day - 2005

Their biggest task at this time is raising funds to assist the young people and chaperones to make the trip to Germany, where World Youth Day will be held in 2005.

Any donations are welcome if you would like to assist them in this endeavor. Make checks to "St Leo Church". Please indicate: "for World Youth Day" on the check. They can be mailed to Elizabeth Egan at 2910 Ratterman, Cincinnati, OH 45211. For information about this event, visit the World Youth Day website:


Will the cause for sainthood for Fr. Al Lauer, our founder, eventually be taken up? From time to time people calling the Ministry Center in Cincinnati, Ohio about other matters will ask that question. The long, long process of looking into someone's life for the purpose of canonizing them as a saint begins by petitioning the local Archbishop. This petition cannot be made until the person in question has been dead for five years. Even though it often takes many, many years to complete, Fr. Wade Menezes, keynote speaker at the 2003 summer Bible Institute, encouraged Kay Schmidl to look into the canonization process. She has since consulted with Fr. Jim Kelly, Deacon Ken Meade, among other clerics.

Kay is a longtime member of Presentation Ministries and has known Fr. Al Lauer since the mid-80s, even before Presentation Ministries was founded. She suggests that those who had personal encounters with Fr. Al both long ago or more recently might prepare for this process ("if and when") by storing up specific memories of Fr. Al, whether funny, serious, seemingly insignificant or profound, in the classroom, through teaching, healing prayers, parish missions, hospital visitations, during communal prayer, through the Sacraments, at Masses, Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals-essentially any time in which Fr. Al touched their life.

Also, handwritten notes and letters will be reviewed as well as all his teachings for the purpose of portraying spiritual growth over a period of time, from early in life until his death. "Handwritten" by Fr. Al seems to be key, but also included in the review would be letters from Fr. Al which were typed by a secretary but signed by Fr. Al himself. A "historian" will need to be assigned to keep track of lots of information and also Fr. Al's personal possessions, clothing, chalices, sacramental artifacts, and vestments.

For those of us who knew and loved Fr. Al, we pray that the cause for sainthood would proceed according to God's holy will.



Thanks to the efforts of Mike Milano we are very happy to have added Long Island, New York to the list of cities where the Bible Telephone Line is now available. This brings to ten the number of cities where the Telephone Line may be hears using a local call. Those cities are:

Atlanta 110-521-8570
Cincinnati 859-291-7000
Cleveland 440-572-4366
Columbus 614-470-0020
Dayton 937-640-2740
Evansville 812-464-0062
Ft. Lauderdale 954-571-3644
Grand Rapids 616-493-7215
Indianapolis 317-767-5413
New York 631-574-2413

Volunteers are needed in other cities to open new lines so that the daily message and prayer line can be heard by more people. We request the intercession of all for the prayer requests that are recorded daily. If you have never called the line why not try it today! (Cell phone users —it is a four minute call!) For information on volunteering to get a new line started call Wayne or Darlene Davis, 317-462-5010 or email:



Gaining New Stations

By Dean Weber

Fr. Al Lauer's "The Best of Daily Bread" program is on three new stations and returned to one station. The three new stations are:

  1. 99.5 St. George's, Granada, West Indies
  2. 94.3 Sorsogon City, Philippines
  3. 88.7 Campus Station, Franciscan University

The radio program returned was to AM 1570 WISP in the Philadelphia area by popular demand.

If Fr. Lauer is not on the Catholic radio station in your area, call Dean Weber, 513-232-5482.

"Encourage each other daily while it is still today." - Hebrews 3:13



Am I Going To Heaven?

By Sue Weber

You've heard of books that are best sellers — well we have a tape on audio that is topping the charts. "Am I going to heaven" is the question and everyone wants to know the answer. Maybe the tape will help us to prepare for our eternal salvation.

"Whoever wishes to be My follower must deny his very self, take up his cross each day and follow in My steps." - Lk 9:23



Audio / Video Similarity

By Sue Weber

The video orders are still coming in at a good pace. However, since we now have an audio tape available for practically every video, the ordering volume changed. As anticipated, we now have a much heavier volume of orders for audio as that is the preference of most people.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." - Hebrews 13:8



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Please share our website with others. It is a great evangelization tool. Let our report go forth through all the earth, our message, to the ends of the world (Ps 19:5).


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