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2018 Donations Appeal Letter

(NOTE: Many of you already received this letter by mail or email. Thank you for your generous response.)


December, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praise Jesus, the Prince of Peace! Thank you for your steadfastness in serving Christ in the midst of the challenging circumstances around us. By reading and sharing God’s word in One Bread One Body, you are helping to build Christ’s Kingdom here on earth. In responding to our Special Appeal last fall and throughout the year, you have been a source of inspiration and encouragement to us as we strive to fulfill the far-reaching vision that the Holy Spirit gave to Father Al Lauer, our founder. Our resources touch lives and change hearts.

Your sacrificial donations, both large and small, make it possible for us to have our materials available in the USA, Canada, and globally via the Internet. The Gospel is being proclaimed through radio broadcasts, podcasts, the Bible telephone line, and the Guadalupe Bible College.

More and more people are discovering the new facilities at our Discipleship Center in rural Ohio, where many programs and retreats are given to equip the participants to grow deeper in their faith and identity as Disciples. These retreats and programs are conducted year round.

The annual Bible Institute was powerfully anointed by the Holy Spirit. The speakers, teachers, participants, and all who served were astonished at the way the Holy Spirit exceeded all expectations. Please pray that this ministry can continue its good work and that the donations received meet our expenses this year.

Our Outreach Ministry has traveled to several remote locations to teach seminars to equip the faithful to work in their environments. At these encounters all witness the power of The Holy Spirit. We encourage them in forming Home Based Communities in their own locations.

All of our leaders, teachers, office personnel, mailing crews, and those who maintain the buildings – whether they give a few hours or work full time – are VOLUNTEERS. No one is paid. We retain the policy of providing our materials and resources, even the retreats and the Bible Institute, for a free-will offering.

Every effort is made to control expenses and we have been fortunate to reduce expenses in a couple of ministries this year due to new technology. However, the cost of postage and shipping ever increases and our buildings need continued maintenance. We trust in the Lord to faithfully provide.

We appreciate your prayers for Presentation Ministries. Pray especially for 1) unity around the vision Fr. Al gave us, 2) uninterrupted leadership for each of the ministries and 3) for new committed workers. Any offering you can give now or in the future to support our ministries enables us to fulfill our mission in serving the Lord and His Church.

May the Lord bless you and all your loved ones in the coming holy seasons of Advent and Christmas.

You can make a donation online by using our secure donation form, or send your donation to:

Presentation Ministries
3230 McHenry Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45211

In Jesus and Mary,

Deacon George Schmidl, Judy Erwin & Mark Mussman
(Directors of Presentation Ministries)



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