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How to Start a Bible Line in Your Area

Telephone Bible Teaching Ministry Guide

“All that matters is that in any and every way… Christ is being proclaimed!”  Phil. 1:18

What is the Telephone Bible Teaching ministry?

Presentation Ministries Bible Line ministry provides a concise teaching on the daily Mass readings each day to people willing to dial a local phone number.  It encourages them to go to Mass frequently.  Additionally, it allows them to leave prayer intentions that are important to them on the line.

Why should I take part in this ministry?

If you believe that the Mass

  • is making present Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary,
  • is the source and summit of our faith,
  • is receiving Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity,

then a ministry which helps people go to Mass and live the Mass is an extremely important ministry.

If you believe that the Bible readings at Mass are

  • the word of God,
  • the truth,
  • life-changing,
  • healing and encouraging,

then a ministry which provides a teaching on the daily Mass readings is a privilege and a joy.

Order videotape V-66 to learn more about why the Telephone Bible Teaching Ministry is important.

When did the Bible Line ministry begin?

Fr. Al Lauer founded this ministry in 1991 in Cincinnati and was the primary teacher until his death in 2002.  The ministry has spread to other cities and is still growing. 

Who teaches on the Bible Line?

In October of 2002, just before his death, Fr. Lauer asked Deacon Wayne and Darlene Davis to teach on the line full time.  Jon Smith also began teaching regularly on the line in the summer of 2004.  All have been commissioned to teach the Bible at the PM Bible Institute.

How can I establish a Bible Telephone Line in my city?

All you must be willing to do is to publicize the local number for your city.  Just call us and let us know when you can get started!

Contact Deacon Wayne or Darlene Davis at (317) 462-5010 or

How Can I Advertise A Bible Telephone Line Number?

Here are some suggestions for getting the word out about your Bible Telephone Number in your city:

  • Distribute Bible Telephone Line bookmarks which have all the local numbers now available.
  • Leave a small stack of bookmarks in offices and public places you visit.
  • Attach a bookmark to public bulletin boards.  Or make a flyer to attach with tear-offs with the local number.
  • Send a letter to local radio and TV stations   telling them about the BTL and the number.  Request announcement on their public free access.  (This can be done by email usually)
  • If you distribute One Bread, One Body, have a stamp made with the local number and as much of the bookmark info as possible.  Stamp the OBOB’s that you distribute.
  • Contact the diocesan newspaper.  Ask about free advertising and notices where you can publicize the local number. 
  • Contact the person in your diocese that is in charge of evangelization and ask that person to assist you in getting the word out.
  • Get a list of all the parishes in your diocese and send them an announcement for their bulletins and a few bookmarks for their literature rack.
  • If your parish has a website, ask for the number to be published on that site.
  • Post messages to your email list, Facebook account, Twitter page.
  • Be creative!  One volunteer has a blog that he does for the parish.  He has used his blog to advertise the local number.
  • Do not forget that word-of-mouth is the very best promotion!





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