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The Twenty-Sixth Annual Bible Institute

July 22 - July 30, 2012
Cincinnati, Ohio

Come and celebrate with us twenty-five years of the Bible Institute legacy!


The Bible Institute is a one-of-a-kind conference that offers a variety of events brought together to equip you to be a powerful disciple of Christ. Some of the events offered are weekend seminars with dynamic speakers and evangelists, twenty-two different weekday programs, general sessions which include powerful healing services, amazing worship, and an evening of profound adoration of our Eucharistic Lord.

All of this takes place on a beautiful university campus with easy access to the Chapel, classrooms, dining facilities, and resident housing.

The institute is set up to be very flexible. You may attend for one day, several days, an evening session, or for all of the Institute. You can stay on campus or you can commute. At last year's Institute we had people from twenty-eight different states, Belize and Canada.

Facing Reality!

The Key to Living a New Life in the Spirit

Are you searching for health, maturity and victory in your life with Christ? How do you attain the fullness of the Christian life in a world run wild in deception? Have you accepted the spirit of the world or the Spirit that is from God? Paul's words to Timothy states, "The Spirit God has given us is no cowardly Spirit, but rather one that makes us strong..."2 Tim 1:7.

God has given us His Holy Spirit who teaches us "describing spiritual realities in spiritual terms" 1 Cor 2:13. Learn how to face reality and open the door to God's plan with the key that the Lord has given you. "The holy One, the true who wields David's key, who opens and no one can close, who closes and no one can open... I know your deeds; that is why I have left an open door before you..." Rev 3:7

Enter the open door before you. The key is in knowing and facing reality - not escaping from it. Although it's important to be in touch with reality, we often are afraid of what that means. Come to the Bible Institute which offers a place, a time, and an opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit as you learn to build your new life in the Spirit using His gifts.


This year's speakers include:

  • Fr. Rob Jack
  • Fr. Gregory Bramlage
  • Bill Richart, Worship Leader
  • Stirring Liturgies & Much, Much More

More information about this year's speakers and programs will be coming soon.


Some seminars offered during the week at the Bible Institute are based on new life in the Holy Spirit. Seminar topics include:

  • How to Teach the Bible
  • Life in the Spirit Seminar
  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
  • To Heal as Jesus Heals
  • Hope and Healing for Wounded Warriors
  • The Signs of the Times
  • Evangelization: The Fruit of Knowing Scripture
  • The Gift of Prophecy in the World Today
  • The Gift of Intercession
  • How to Pray & Prepare a Topic Teaching
  • Introduction to Living in Community
  • Praise & Worship: Standing in the Glory


What past participants found best about the Bible Institute!

"The wisdom, the love and the humility of our teachers... fantastic teachers"

"All the teaching sessions were excellent."

"The speakers have been clear and concise and filled with the Holy Spirit..!"

"This is my fourth year... the fellowship and the teaching is second to none."

"The hospitality was superb. The enthusiasm and faith of the PM members, I found genuine and touching."


Are you dismayed by the darkness that surrounds us in this culture? Do you want to make a difference by bringing the light of Christ to others? Have you felt that the Lord is calling you to something more?

The Lord wants you to grow and mature as a disciple of His. The Bible Institute offers you a unique opportunity to receive teaching, healing, and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. You can be a more effective disciple to help bring the victory of Christ to our weary world. Come and experience the power of God working through the Institute as have many others in the past!


View information from past Bible Institutes for more details.

Additional information about this year's institute and online registration will be available on the PM website at a future date.

Bible Institute Committee
P.O. Box 58308
Cincinnati, OH 45238
(513) 922-0923
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